Our Mission Statement:

We listen.
We learn.
We inform.

Then we deliver results on a creative platter.

Integrated Marketing

Grande Media has developed, executed, and maintained integrated marketing strategies for some of the following brands:

Six Flags New England  (2010-2012)
Radio | Digital | Agency Buys

NeuroHealth (2009-2012)
Radio | Digital

Luxus Marble & Granite

Lincoln Mall (2011-2012)
Radio | Digital | Events | PR

George's of Galilee (2015-2016)
Television | Digital | Radio | Print | Events | PR | Video Production | Brand Awareness | Website Maintenence | Social Media Management

Dueling Guitarists (July, 2016)
Brand Created by Grande Media
PR | Events | Photo | Video and Sound Production | Social Media Management

JamesGrande.com (2012-Present)
Brand Created by Grande Media
Events | Video and Sound Production | PR | Brand Awareness | Website Creation and Management | Social Media Management

Thriving Musicians (2016 - Present)
Brand Created by Grande Media
Events | Video and Sound Production | PR | Brand Awareness | Website Creation and Maintenence | Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

When it comes to social media we don't just put up posts and hope for the best. We generate organic reach, customer engagement, and measurable results.

Click below to see:

  • How we turned $18.06 in ad spend into $15,000+ for a GoFundMe campaign.
  • What we did for a local business to boost organic reach by 524% with zero ad spend
  • How we sold over 120 gift cards valued at $50 and $100 using the power of social media
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Professional Development Internship Program

After partnering with the University of Rhode Island, Grande Media created a hands-on internship program for graduating Communication, MarketingPublic Relations and Business students.

Where other companies provide students with remedial tasks, Grande Media works incredibly hard to ensure each student's internship experience is personalized and centered around his or her own professional goals.

These students work on results-driven customized projects for Grande Media and its Clients. Some of the projects our students have been involved with include:

  • Television Ad Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing and Sales Proposals
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Content Creation
  • Business Networking
  • Website Development and Management
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Event Planning and Execution


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