About Our Internship Program

By utilizing print, radio, television, and digital platforms - Grande Media focuses on generating tangible results for its Clients.

After Grande Media's workload grew, it became clear that the business expansion required additional resources to maintain it's efficiency.

Where other companies provide students with remedial tasks, Grande Media works incredibly hard to ensure each student's internship experience is personalized and centered around his or her own professional goals.

Students work on results-driven customized projects for Grande Media and its Clients. Some of the projects our students have been involved with include:

  • Television Ad Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing and Sales Proposals
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Content Creation
  • Business Networking
  • Website Development and Management
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Event Planning and Execution

Grande Media provides its team members with hands-on career training, portfolio management, and direct job market exposure through weekly, monthly, and quarterly networking objectives.

These objectives incorporate multiple resources that most students are unable to find in a classroom setting. Grande Media aims to utilize its network of marketing professionals and business owners to further educate and prepare these students for a career post-graduation through scheduled trainings and business meetings.

Being unlike any other program, Grande Media prides itself on the testimonials and successes of its former students.

As of 2018, every former Grande Media student intern has found a job in his or her field of study with both full-benefits and a competitive salary.

Kelsey Desjardins - Class of 2018

"For my final semester at URI I had the opportunity to be an intern for James with Grande Media. I can honestly say that my involvement with this internship was unlike any other experience I have had at URI. James really prepared me for life after college and has made me feel more comfortable with entering the "real world".

My time with Grande Media helped me achieve results driven material that I can now use as a source of testimony when proving my new skills. James taught me important assets of marketing and research that I was not aware of before. I gained knowledge on customer research and analysis, consumer insights, content creation and website management.

James always wanted to make sure that the work he was giving me would help prepare me for my future. He helped me revise my resume and prepared me for job interviews. With James I learned how to use Canva, MailChimp, WordPress, and became comfortable with reaching out to businesses to ask questions and find information.

Not only did I learn a lot from this internship, I truly enjoyed it. James is a great guy that wants to see you succeed. He encourages you to ask him questions and really cares about your progression. James makes you feel comfortable while working with him and has a great personality. I would highly recommend interning with him!"

Check out some of Kelsey's work from the internship here: Student Portfolio

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Kalyn H - Class of 2017

"I was given the opportunity to take part in an internship with Grande Media during the fall semester of my senior year at URI. I chose not to pursue an internship over the summer prior to my senior year and I'm so glad I waited. My internship was unique and empowering.

We would meet three times per week and discuss the projects we had going on at that time. I worked on several projects with Grande Media and they really helped me break out of my comfort zone and demand results from individuals I interacted with.

During my first week I was able to get Dueling Guitarists on the front page of The Narragansett Times! It was so exciting to see our hard work pay off so early in my internship.

I was able to help them support a local business that they worked with by creating social media campaigns, email blasts, and even some graphic design work.

They were always focused on making sure everything I did was going to help me in the future - never any busy work. My supervisor (James) shared personal experiences and tips that stay with me still today. I learned about the back end of Facebook and received an introduction to Facebook advertising which wasn't covered in any of my classes at URI.

Throughout my internship James told me to write down every project I worked on and what I did to help make the project possible. He then helped me revise my resume to highlight my unique skills and even helped me practice how to explain my experiences in a strong way during an interview.

I learned to use MailChimp (a platform I use in my job today), Canva, WordPress, Facebook Ads, and I became a confident cold caller (this was a big deal for me). James helped me connect with young professionals in South County so I could talk with them about post-grad life.

Overall, Grande Media was a key part of not only my senior year, but my time at URI as a whole. I graduated feeling prepared and ready to take on the world of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications.

James is so fun, caring, and passionate that is impossible to work with him and not want to get going on at least five projects. I loved my internship, and I wouldn't change it for anything. If you have the opportunity to work with James... DO IT!"

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Amanda Dible - Class of 2017

"Having the opportunity to take part in an internship with Grande Media was something that had gotten me excited about entering the real world of Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications. This internship was one of my most valuable college experiences that I was a part of.

James and I worked on many projects throughout the semester that I was able to add onto my resume. We raised over $13,000 in 7 days for a local doctor's office with minimum ad spend through a social media campaign. James helped me build my resume to show employers the results that I was capable of. I learned more about the ins and outs WordPress, social media logistics and Facebook ads. James helped me connect with professionals in my field so that I could get into more of what I want to do professionally.

We met at coffee shops, had scheduled calls and just worked away on our computers. I learned so much about James and how driven he is as a marketing expert and as a musician. James knows everything you need to know and more about marketing, communicating, and connecting in a professional manner. It was such a fun, enthusiastic, and creative environment that I always wanted to be a part of.

I was lucky enough to continue working with Grande Media through the summer where we put together a proposal for an international clothing company. I, after having graduated for three months, learned everything I needed to know about a professional marketing proposal. Now, I feel even more confident moving forward having done this with James.

James challenged me and made me a better student (and now graduate). He really has a lot to give to his students so that they can move on to big things. This internship was not just an internship. It was an enjoyable, challenging experience that I will forever be grateful for. It was an open door of opportunity that I am so happy to have walked through."

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